Line Magazine Article

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

An article on my Audio Mandala installation was published today on the Line Magazine website. To celebrate – a picture of strangely arranged hay bales.

p.s. Why does no one spell my name right.


Hair Nest

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In Lithuanian folklore, if a bird steals your combed out or cut hair, and uses it to make a nest, it will cause you a headache. As part of my joint exhibition I decided to re-enact this old story and survey the results. From 14 friends and myself I collected enough hair to make a small nest which was stuck together using PVA glue and a twig. 24 hours later I asked my friends if they’d had a headache; 3 had.

Folklore Exhibition

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Photos from a recent exhibition with Sarah Bramley based on folklore and traditional remedies.

This year everyone in 4th year painting was paired up alphabetically to produce a two day joint exhibition. Our second names beginning with B meant we were in the second week of exhibitions and had little time to produce any paintings so instead we focused on recreating traditional folk remedies and producing small sculptures and drawing based on superstitions. The show included 6 remedies in jars, a nest of human hair, 7 horse hooves, a hare’s foot set in resin, an onion and a collection of drawings.

Lucky Horse Hooves

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7 Lucky Horse Hooves found while out walking this summer. I especially liked these objects because of the way they augmented a normal household symbol of luck into something gruesome and earthy.


I had intended that today’s Audio Mandala installation would feature a pyramid of 406 shotgun shells, with 28 layers, each corresponding to one level on the Buddhist structure of reincarnation. Fixing two nails either end of the first layer I made it to ten levels before the right hand side gave way. I would have given it another shot except I didn’t have the time. I got a photo of it with 9 layers.

Audio Mandala Installation

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Finally, I was able to install all 8 CD Players in one place today. Along with the Audio Mandala, I put up 7 horse nail cuttings, a collection of the resin coated mushrooms, a cow’s leg bone and two paintings, one 30x30cm the other 60x60cm.

Unfortunately choosing to book the room for a Saturday wasn’t the best idea in terms attendance; in the end 11 people came along and all seemed quite receptive to the piece. The overall effect was something quite earthy, thick with dense sounds that bounced around the room, with pockets of unusual sounds that people immediately honed in on.

I would put the audio files up on this site, however, it costs to get the audio feature and as of yet I don’t know if I’ll use it enough. Youtube was suggested as somewhere to upload them to, but at 82.5 minutes each I’m not sure that’s possible. Any advice is welcome.

I also met with a writer for Line Magazine, a small art publication; hopefully an article about the piece will be appearing on their site.

Sky/Sea/Sand Line

October 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Impromptu line made against the horizon several months ago. Taken at the beach in North Berwick. Bass Rock can be seen in the background.

Gorse Field and Claggy Bottom Paintings

October 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Claggy Bottom

Gorse Field

60x60cm each.

Another set of paintings, not much larger than the last but we’re getting there. Next week I’m aiming to complete a series of tiny more abstracted paintings as well as take a huge chunk out of my dissertation so I can clear the way for something a bit more impressive. This Saturday and Monday I’m also setting up a couple of exhibitions/installations, one solo and one with a friend; photos of these soon.

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