Audio Mandala Installation

October 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Finally, I was able to install all 8 CD Players in one place today. Along with the Audio Mandala, I put up 7 horse nail cuttings, a collection of the resin coated mushrooms, a cow’s leg bone and two paintings, one 30x30cm the other 60x60cm.

Unfortunately choosing to book the room for a Saturday wasn’t the best idea in terms attendance; in the end 11 people came along and all seemed quite receptive to the piece. The overall effect was something quite earthy, thick with dense sounds that bounced around the room, with pockets of unusual sounds that people immediately honed in on.

I would put the audio files up on this site, however, it costs to get the audio feature and as of yet I don’t know if I’ll use it enough. Youtube was suggested as somewhere to upload them to, but at 82.5 minutes each I’m not sure that’s possible. Any advice is welcome.

I also met with a writer for Line Magazine, a small art publication; hopefully an article about the piece will be appearing on their site.


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