Pheasant Hunting

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Pheasant Hunting


First in a series of 4 paintings using mud, charcoal, cement and found objects. I wanted to move away from pictorial or topographical representations of a landscape and instead try to capture a set of experiences within that landscape through notational, diagrammatic mark making. Some woods near where I live are used to breed pheasants; I found myself ironically hunting out these hidden places that are a key part of the culture of shooting, and collecting hundreds of discarded shotgun shells.


Snow Union Jack

November 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Over the past few weeks I’ve started considering the use of national flags in relation to the landscape. There are obvious strong ties between a sense of national identity and the landscape. Dividing the United Kingdom into its separate components, each region has its own evocative imagery, Scottish highlands, Welsh valleys, England’s pastoral fields etc. By drawing the Union Jack onto a part of Scotland I hope to create something that stirs issues of national identity, the land is part of the United Kingdom while at the same time being uniquely part of Scotland. Ever since moving to Scotland over 3 years ago I have been aware of the tensions created by one country being bracketed within a larger structure.

In the New Year I intend to travel around England, Wales and Northern Ireland before returning to Scotland collecting soil from each region from which I will paint a series of flags on canvas, creating images where separate location are physically unified.

111 Mushrooms, Wall Drawing

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A couple of months back I cast over 50 mushrooms in resin to create static sculptures from extremely temporal plants. To counterbalance that piece I decided to produce a wall drawing of 111 photos of mushrooms I had taken over the summer. Each photo was projected onto the black board for roughly 12.5 seconds, meaning I was drawing for around 23 minutes. My intention was for the manner in which the drawing was done to reflect the short lived nature of mushrooms.

The piece was done in the J05 lecture room in ECA; hopefully it won’t be wiped off for a while and maybe cause the architecture students some confusion.

Thanks to Svetlana Kondakova for taking a couple hundred photos while I was drawing.

Claggbottom Wood Painting

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Claggbottom Wood


5th painting working with cement. With this one I mixed in some mushrooms I found in the meadows with the 2nd layer of cement creating a lighter more yellowish grey with specks of mashed up mushrooms visible.

Kimpton Walks Map

November 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

A map of all the long walks I made over summer 2010. The walks are marked in red lines that criss-cross across the map, centred around where I live. You may need to zoom in to follow them properly.

I used two ordinance survey maps to build this map of my local area; each blue square is equal to 1 square kilometre.

Cement Landscapes

November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Hoo


Pollard Wood


Claggy Field


Cress Beds


Four paintings from the last couple of weeks made primarily from cement, but also concrete, tempera, chalk, natural materials and found objects; all on board. To get away from the bright decorative colours of the last series of paintings I chose to try working in a more sculptural atonal material so that I could capture a more physical sense of the landscape. Whether these paintings are finished or not at the moment I’m not sure; I’m tempted to add in washes of white paint to help define their form and some may need touching up with additional cement to repair parts.

Round Wood, Cement and Plaster Test Piece

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Round Wood


My main issue with the previous series of paintings was how colour completely dominated over physicality. Trying to correct this problem I’ve started playing around with plaster, cement and recently concrete because of the thick sculptural nature of the materials and their neutral colour. This piece was only a tester for a series of paintings I am now working on and should be able upload photos of soon. To my mind the use of colour needs to be reduced back further to almost atonality.

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