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4 of 16 photos of tracks made through the snow.

Moving on from using snow as a canvas to draw on I’ve recently become interested in it as a automatic material. In Richard Long’s 1969 piece A Line Made by Walking he marked a line into a field by repeatedly walking over the grass, it spoke of the universal human nature of walking, it was minimal and elegant which almost contradicted its very human subject matter. This year’s snow afforded me the opportunity to capture a much more personal record of walking, of small individual narratives, dog walkers, rambles, families, a sense of community rather than Long’s sense of a species.


Hunt (20/12/2010)

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Photos from a recent walk where I met a shooting party.

Watching the shoot take place wasn’t quite as I had imagined it, the whole event was far more sedated than I expected with birds being flushed from the woods at irregular intervals. Despite the graphic nature of the first photo the dogs actually seemed amazingly well trained, despite all being able to see the dying pigeon they kept remarkably calm, until one was let off his leash to kill the bird. Apologies if anyone finds these or any other recent images offensive it’s not my intention to take these images for shock value.

Deer Stalking (23/12/2010)

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Today I went walking in some nearby woods with my family, when we spotted a couple of deer I decided to track them for a little while finding in total a good 20 or more. Stalking the deer wasn’t quite as I expected, keeping a low profile and trying as best as possible not to make a sound you can get quite close even though they are fully aware of you, however, the moment I raised my camera they reacted to it as if it were a gun. Starting with just two deer I followed them as they moved away to regroup with more and more pockets of deer until they were gathered in the full herd. It was only at this point that they decided to put some real distance between me and them, up to that point they had been contented enough to observe me and see what I was up to.

The second and fourth images haven’t been cropped so are worth enlarging to see the deer in better detail.

Found Shot Animals Summer 2010

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Photographs of animals found shot over the summer.

Union Jack Study

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Union Jack Study


Rough study for a painting next year. The measurements of the Union Jack are suprisingly hard to get right, this one relates to the 1:2 version but there is also a 3:5 type.

Arthur’s Seat Union Jack

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This morning I left the flat at 8.37am heading for Arthur’s Seat; at 9.17am I reached the plateau where I walked a Union Jack into the snow. Horizontally it measured 17 of my paces, which are a little less than a metre. I climbed to the summit, took some photos and relaxed with a cigarette. On the climb down I spent half my time on my bum, half running till I reached the road and followed it back.

You’re welcome to go see it, but I advise you to wear some gloves; I didn’t.

Incase anyone pops up there heres a photo that’ll give you a better idea where to look.

New Drawings (01/12/2010)

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Crab Shell

Crab Claw

Metal Hook


4 new drawings of found objects.

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