Uninterrupted Horizon Lines

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Uninterrupted Horizon Lines

Each 36.5 x 23.5cm

In this series I reduced five movies dealing with British Colonialism to the uninterrupted horizon lines they feature. Any man, object or manmade structure that broke the horizon would be discarded, only the horizons that bore over the human activity were drawn in. Eventually these drawings will be turned into prints.

Movies such as Zulu explore the conflict between British Colonialism and the native inhabitants of the countries. The interaction of horizontal and vertical features becomes symbolic of this, the verticals made from British soldiers, bayonets, buildings and structures, the horizontals made of the landscape, uninterrupted by an imposing force. By reducing these movies to the uninterrupted horizontals I wanted to explore these conflicts as well as the many in which cinema has attempted to explore them.

Each drawing can be viewed as a discussion on the effects of British Colonialism; where there are few lines the imposed British culture takes precedent in the movie, suggesting control. However, where the lines build up thickly the landscape is the prevailing force, able to shaped the characters and suggesting the inevitable impossibility of colonial ambition.

A Passage to India


Lawrence of Arabia

The Man Who Would Be King


Trash Union Jack

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Trash Union Jack

Union Jack formed from discarded materials as part of the ‘Fight Night’ exhibition. Thanks to Hew Morrison for helping me put it together and Andrew Lennie for climbing up a very unsafe ladder to photograph it, in my state at the time there was no way I’d have been able to do it.


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Inselaffen – Island MonkeysAn exhibition featuring works by Adeline Bourret, Elliott Burns, Alan Horsley, Andrew Lennie, Hew Morrison and David Woods.

Opening 15th April 7-10pm
16th-21st April 10am-6pm

Whitespace Gallery, 11 Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, EH1 3NT

Whitespace – http://www.whitespace11.com/

Adeline Bourret – http://www.adelinebourret.com/index.htm
Elliott Burns – https://elliottjburns.wordpress.com/
Andrew Lennie – http://andrewlennie.co.uk/
Alan Horsley – http://alanhorsley.wordpress.com/about/sculpture/
David Woods – http://davidwoodsart.blogspot.com/

National Sparring

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National Sparing

A comparision of battles during the 1st War of Scottish Independence and the boxer Ken Buchanan’s matches against English boxers, the text below appears on the two shields which were installed in the factory adjacent to the old Spart Boxing Club where Ken Buchanan trained.


Battles of the 1st War of Scottish Independence

  • 1296    Battle of Dunbar    L
  • 1296    Berwick devastated    L
  • 1297    Battle of Sterling Bridge    W
  • 1297    Elgin Castle captured    W
  • 1297    Banff Castle captured    W
  • 1297    Inverness Castle captured    W
  • 1297    Urquhart Castle besieged    W
  • 1298    Battle of Falkirk    L
  • 1299    Sterling Castle captured    W
  • 1300    Caelaverock Castle captured    L
  • 1301    Bothwell Castle captured    L
  • 1301    Peebles Castle captured    L
  • 1301    Selkirk Castle captured    L
  • 1304    Sterling Castle siege    L
  • 1312    Dundee Castle captured    W
  • 1313    Perth Castle captured    W
  • 1314    Battle of Bannockburn    W
  • 1314    Edinburgh Castle captured    W


Ken Buchanan vs English Boxers



  • 1965    Brian Rocky Tonks    W    TKO
  • 1965    Vic Woodhall    W    TKO
  • 1965    Billy Williams    W    TKO
  • 1966    Tommy Tiger    W    PTS
  • 1966    Tommy Tiger    W    PTS
  • 1966    Chris Elliott    W    PTS
  • 1966    Ivan Whiter    W    PTS
  • 1966    Mickey Laud    W    PTS
  • 1966    Al Keen    W    PTS
  • 1966    Phil Lundgren    W    PTS
  • 1967    Winston Laud    W    PTS
  • 1967    Al Rocca    W    TKO
  • 1967    Maurice Cullen    W    KO
  • 1968    Ivan Whiter    W    PTS
  • 1970    Brian Hudson    W    KO
  • 1980    Des Gwillam    W    PTS
  • 1981    Steve Early    L    PTS
  • 1981    Lance Williams    L    PTS
  • 1982    George Feeney    L    PTS

‘Fight Night’ Exhibition

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‘Fight Night’ an exhibition installed in the old Sparta Boxing Club and the adjacent factory, put together by Andrew Lennie, Hew Morrison, David Woods and myself, and featuring prints by Vangeli Moschopoulos.

Unfortunately the opening of the exhibition had to be called off due to the weather.

More details of individual pieces to come.

Photos by David Woods, Hew Morrison and myself.

Walking a Sculpture

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Walking a Sculpture

A three hour walk in the Pentlands, continuously moulding and shaping a ball of clay to reflect the landscape and my movement through it. An attempt to create a sculpture that truly reflected the natural world, with no break between experience and creation.

Fight Night Exhibition

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Fight Night Exhibiton, Thursday 10th March, 1pm.

At the Old Sparta Boxing Club, featuring work from: Elliott Burns, Andrew Lennie, Hew Morrison and David Woods, with contributions from Vangeli Moschopoulos.

Directions: Take McDonald Rd off Leith Work, first right onto Dryden Terrace, cross the footbridge then through the gate on the right.

All welcome for a informal exhibition opening.

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