Uninterrupted Horizon Lines

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment


Uninterrupted Horizon Lines

Each 36.5 x 23.5cm

In this series I reduced five movies dealing with British Colonialism to the uninterrupted horizon lines they feature. Any man, object or manmade structure that broke the horizon would be discarded, only the horizons that bore over the human activity were drawn in. Eventually these drawings will be turned into prints.

Movies such as Zulu explore the conflict between British Colonialism and the native inhabitants of the countries. The interaction of horizontal and vertical features becomes symbolic of this, the verticals made from British soldiers, bayonets, buildings and structures, the horizontals made of the landscape, uninterrupted by an imposing force. By reducing these movies to the uninterrupted horizontals I wanted to explore these conflicts as well as the many in which cinema has attempted to explore them.

Each drawing can be viewed as a discussion on the effects of British Colonialism; where there are few lines the imposed British culture takes precedent in the movie, suggesting control. However, where the lines build up thickly the landscape is the prevailing force, able to shaped the characters and suggesting the inevitable impossibility of colonial ambition.

A Passage to India


Lawrence of Arabia

The Man Who Would Be King


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