Inselaffen Show

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Inselaffen Group Show

Recent photos from the Inselaffen Group show featuring work by Adeline Bourret, Alan Horsley, Andrew Lennie, Hew Morrison, David Woods and myself. The show ran from the 15th-21st of April at the Whitespace Gallery in Edinburgh. Thanks to Hew Morrison for the photos.

Details of the works and the artists:

Adeline Bourret

Untitled – from of the “RE-CREA(C)TION” series (2011) inkjet print, 83x115cm.

The RE-CREA(C)TION project stems my research in cross-art form relations. In a defined “play” space, a score (or a set of rules) is put in place as a starting point. Responses made through improvisation with movement and material lead towards the creation of a three dimensional collage, generating ideas of choreography and set design for possible staged performances.
In this exhibition, the photograph acts as a remnant of one of the interventions part of the RE-CREA(C)TION series.

Elliott Burns  –

Walking a Sculpture (2011) clay and inkjet print, 13x13x10cm and 50x40cm.

Every Uninterrupted Horizon Line: A Passage to India, Gandhi, The Man Who Would Be King, Zulu (2011) screen print, 37.5x29cm each.

A three hour walk in the Pentlands, continuously moulding and shaping a ball of clay to reflect the landscape and my movement through it. An attempt to create a sculpture that truly reflected the natural world, with no break between experience and creation. My work is concerned with the way landscapes shape our individual and cultural identities.

Alan Horsley

The Space of Dreams (2011) multiple cast glass elements, pate-de-verre with metallic salts and earth colorants, 25.5x22x32cm.

My work uses glass to create an internal space where concrete rules of form and structure no longer need apply. Mirroring the transition from waking to dreaming body image, the figure in this piece dissolves into the glass, twisting, boiling and warping into a hybrid of concrete form and intangible fantasy, suspended within the depths of the material.

Andrew Lennie  –

Dark Water (2011) pencil on paper, 83×56 cm.
Dark Water small (2010) pencil on paper. 25x25cm.
River Tay small (2010) pencil on paper, 25x25cm.
Washed up objects, collected during a walk along the side of the River Tay, by Newburgh in Fife.

My working practice is based on the exploration of my home town of Newburgh, researching the community and my sense of belonging and nostalgia. I hope to discuss the balance between unpredictable random encounters and human rationality, our need to measure our world.

Hew Morrison

Ordnance Structure (2011) mixed media, 183x183x168cm.

Effigy 1 & 2 (2011) inkjet print, 84x59cm each.

My work considers the Beauly-Denny over-ground power line upgrade. The existing 800-pylons will be dismantled and replaced with 600 “Mega” Pylons, bringing a blight to the landscape. The proposal for the new line was given Scottish Government approval in January 2010, despite 30,000 objections. I am exploring the tension and juxtaposition between nature and man’s impact on it.

David Woods  –

Anatomy I (2011) burnt wood, varnish, glue ink, 120x105cm.

Anatomy II (2011) open bite etching, 20x17cm.

My current practice is fundamentally concerned with the human body: the philosophy and aesthetic of fragility and fragmentation. I use archetypes of form because they are imbued with powerful layers of symbolic meaning. I enjoy experimenting with traditional materials and subject’s in an unorthodox manner; an investigation of the relationship between my printmaking and sculpture elicits the creation of new forms. Notions of narcissism, fear and mortality provide current subject matter.


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