Aerial photos from the Empire part 2

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Second set of my grandad’s aerial photos, if you want to get a basic understanding of the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation in Borneo here’s the wikipedia page: .


Aerial photos from the Empire part 1

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Recently I started working my way through my grandfather’s collection of photographic slides, amongst the family and holiday photos were a series of images taken from his time in the RAF. The majority come from the Indonesia-Malaysia conflict (1962-66) when my grandfather stationed in Singapore was dropping aid to troops in Borneo.


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Taraxacum officinal

White ephemeral beads

Blown off in the breeze.


of seeds

Shifting homes at ease

From field to furrowed field

Yield                                                                                                                                                                       ing

Little colonies

birthed by exploration

on the wind

Unable to return

Despite gutting yearn.

Tracks in the Snow

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Silent clap illuminates

History in frozen state

Here a walker

Here a dog

Here a woodsman cutting log

Park Wood on brink of midnight

On screen layers of time cast light

Through fractured trees

Embers burn

Tracers left of fusion’s churn




I shift

Lines of lives intercept, lock and twist

Bleed into soil

Feed earthy toil

To rise in Spring afresh and green.

Terrain Plotting

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Green/White Ribbon/Yellow Ribbon/Green

A dissection


X by Y                A to B               X=Y

Y is 10               X is Constant

X is 20               Y is Constant

X curves back on itself to 18

Y is 30               Hall Farm

Y increases by ½ the rate of X

Parallel to the road.

Green/Tarmac Ribbon/Green Ribbon/Ditch/Green Ribbon/Mud Ribbon/Yellow Ribbon/Green

Cow Parsley Ribbon

Ribbon Wavers

Blue Bell                Blue Bell                                         Blue Bell Blue Bell Blue Bells

Telephone Pole to Oak Bisects


Hall Wood East-North Facade East Corner Enter

Edge along edge

Blue Bells                                                               Tree Trunks

Splayed limbs left limp to harvest

Shotgun Shells                                                      Sheep Shit

Dividing line dissects

Blue Bell/Brown/Blue Bell

Suddenly from centre family of deer

Centre – North Corner

Back track

Up edge, in at North Corner

Pheasant fleeing deer

Cat and mouse between camera and deer

Alluding to the perfect shot

At North Corner I find them in the field

Shutter shatters formation and sends them into a full out run

White hinds highlighted against emerald fountains

Walk Ends/Retrace/Return Home

Rock on Head

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l    o    n    g

the hedgerow,

There’s a porno

That reminds me of Will.

Siphoning off our parents’ booze,

Heady, young,

Head-strong and self-assured,

Heading to the woods,

Hidden kids.

Jumping, Jump, Jumping

on burnt out cars

and drinking our mix

mixing alcohol and hot sun

Sunday? someday, someday lost, lost in hot haze

rushing to the head.

Walking back

We found a rabbit

with                              fierce eyes.

And with a Rock





Dropped on his head.




Some years later, later days and lesser friends,

Will’s dad jumped, jumping, falling, fell

Head first?

From an aqueduct.

Roman build, impressive tall arches.

Like a rock




Blue to Blue

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Blue Tit Parus caeruleus (3). The only British and Irish bird with a substantial amount of blue in its plumage. Generally the commonest tit, with the same distribution as the Great Tit. Most familiar call a churring tsee tsee tsee tsit. Like most tits it nests in a hole in a tree or building and readily takes to nest boxes. 11-12cm.


Bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scriptus (1) is a very familiar short, bulbous perennial, which produces clumps of narrow, keeled leaves and a single, long, leafless, 1-sided spike of bright-blue bell-shaped flowers, 15-20mm, with creamy anthers; April to June. Common in woods, often forming huge colonies on well-drained soils; also in the open, in upland grassland and on sea-cliffs. Spanish Bluebell Hhispanicus is the garden species, with an upright spike of larger, blue-anthered flowers.


    Mongolian Blue Spotted Lover

Return South/Return North

Home to Home

Nest to Nuzzle

Blue Bellied, Blue Belled, Blue Ablutions, Blue Balled, Blue Spotted.

Tethered in the waves

Between the shades of Blue

Counting off the days

Until I drift to you.

Where Am I?

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