Terrain Plotting

July 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Green/White Ribbon/Yellow Ribbon/Green

A dissection


X by Y                A to B               X=Y

Y is 10               X is Constant

X is 20               Y is Constant

X curves back on itself to 18

Y is 30               Hall Farm

Y increases by ½ the rate of X

Parallel to the road.

Green/Tarmac Ribbon/Green Ribbon/Ditch/Green Ribbon/Mud Ribbon/Yellow Ribbon/Green

Cow Parsley Ribbon

Ribbon Wavers

Blue Bell                Blue Bell                                         Blue Bell Blue Bell Blue Bells

Telephone Pole to Oak Bisects


Hall Wood East-North Facade East Corner Enter

Edge along edge

Blue Bells                                                               Tree Trunks

Splayed limbs left limp to harvest

Shotgun Shells                                                      Sheep Shit

Dividing line dissects

Blue Bell/Brown/Blue Bell

Suddenly from centre family of deer

Centre – North Corner

Back track

Up edge, in at North Corner

Pheasant fleeing deer

Cat and mouse between camera and deer

Alluding to the perfect shot

At North Corner I find them in the field

Shutter shatters formation and sends them into a full out run

White hinds highlighted against emerald fountains

Walk Ends/Retrace/Return Home


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